Welcome to my Hellsite!

So, if it's not immediately obvious, this site is a bit bland at the moment. That's because I am, admittedly, still learning how to code from scratch (as much as a year of fucking w/ templates can be considered scratch), because I know that if I were to copy paste any code off the web, it would overwhelm me, and I wouldn't understand it, which is my goal for creating this site.

I am technically a Tumblr refugee, though I don't plan on abandoning my blog just yet.

HOWEVER. I was tempted by the possibility of creating a webpage of my very own, one that follows my own personal theming and is organised how I see fit. As well, with the possibility of Kosa itching ever closer, I am comforted by the concept of having a backup of all of my work on ao3, where I have written for all sorts of fandoms, though I'm presently focused on TMNT and Miraculous.

the untold tales of the
time trio
The untold tales series is a currently unposted Miraculous AU, based around the characterse Luka Couffaine (Viperion), Juleka Couffaine (Tigress), and Alix Kubdel (Bunnyx). They are inspired by their Movie Iterations, and are not intented to be percieved as existing within the show's canon.
Full Plot Summary will be released once I have created and posted oneshots within this universe.
miracle movie mania
The MMM au currently has two posted works, with multiple WIPS. It is based around the Miraculous movie, spotlighting on the characters Adrien Agreste (Chat Noir), Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Ladybug), Nino Lahiffe (Carapace), and Alya Cesaire (Rena Rouge). They are inspired by their Movie Iterations, and are not intended to be percieved as existing within the show's canon.
Summary: After the events of the movie, the rest period does not last for as long as our heroes hope. A new threat, Mayura, is on the rise, recreating Hawkmoth's powers with the help of the Peacock Miraculous. With her passing limits that Hawkmoth would never have dared, new heroes must rise to help defeat the villain. Enter: Rena Rouge and Carapace.
wouldn't it be easier
Wouldn't it be Easier is a self-contained story, focusing on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, more specifically the ones from the Rise (2018) series and the Mutant Mayhem (2023) series. It contains slight divergence to both series' source media, and is set after these divergencies.
Summary: There's a student in the turtles' school named Leonardo Hamato, who describes his life vaguley enough to cause interest, and a little bit of suspicion, within their friend group. It wouldn't be too much to ask to just meet one of his family members, would it?